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Linear Electric Actuator
Power Supply: AC220±0%.50HZ
Power Consumption ( in rated load) Model A actuator 30VA Model Bactuator 60VA Model C actuator 140VA
Input Signal DC4-20mA or DC1-5V
Output Signal DC4-20mA
Protection Grade IP65
Explosive Grade Exd II BT4
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1.1 The actuator is designed with servo system.( No necessity to equip servo amplifier). It can work only by connecting with the DC4-20mA signal (or DC1~5V signal) and the AC220V single phase alternating current power supply. With the connector pin in side, conductor configuration is quite convenient and easy.

1.2 The key parts of the actuator--controller--adopts the most advances mixed integrated circuit and is cast after sealed with resin.With box-like exterior appearance and compact volume and high reliability.

1.3 The drive capacity's feedback inspection adopts high performance conductive potentiometer, resolution capacity<0.4%

1.4 With self-check function, the indicating lamp on the controller will give off indicative signal.

1.5 Set the signal-broken state s by the state optional switches (whether the valve care is in the state of full-open full-close or self locking)

1.6 Set the positive or negative movement by the state optional switches.

1.7 Set the input signals DC4-20mA or DC1~5V by the state optional switches.

1.8 Easy to adjust the work's null point( starting point) and travel(finishing paint)

1.9 Self lock the valve core once the power is off.

1.10 Rotated by the synchronous band to effectively reduce the noise

1.11 With time delay function, the state self-locking can be realized when in its rated- loaded state.. When malfunction happens, it can start the protection function at once and then cancel the protection through negative movement.

The 3810L series linear travel electronic electric actuator is driven by the 200 single- phase alter mating current power supply. Receiving the control signal (DC4~20mA or DC1~5V)from the regulator, it can not only provide almost all kinds of the transforming function that the valve itself requires but also valve’s open degree signal function and manual function So it is widely used in the industry sectors such as metallurgy, petro chemistry, light industry and environmental protection.

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