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From the blank casting to the final product, we employ advanced inspection methods and testing equipment for strict quality control. All products undergo accurate material analysis and dimensional inspection in accordance with relevant standards. Strict process inspections are carried out throughout the entire production process. Each valve is manufactured precisely in accordance with customer requirements or international standards, and undergoes final inspection before shipment. We are committed to achieving zero valve defects.
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RAW MATERIAL INSPECTION We reinspect chemical, mechanical, visual, & dimensional specs of valves, apply heat treatment labels, and perform MT, HB, & material verification.
PROCESS VERIFICATION From dimensions and surface finish to welds, inspections, hardness testing, as well as test blocks, we ensure every aspect contributes to a seamless manufacturing process.
ASSEMBLY EVALUATION Precise assembly is our priority, achieved through the verification of connection sizes, serial numbers, and rigorous visual inspections.
PERFORMANCE TESTING Rigorous testing throughout production ensures zero failures. We uphold quality standards & inspections to meet performance demands.
FINAL INSPECTION Before shipment, we thoroughly inspect paint, nameplates, tags, and packaging to ensure a flawless finish and a seamless customer experience.
PACKING Our wooden-cases strictly adhere to export packaging requirements, with rigorous control of every detail, to ensure that they arrive safely and intact at their destination after long-distance transportation.
Quality is Life, Market is the Only Criterion for
Testing Products
Huizheng Valves has always adhered to the business philosophy of "quality is the only prerequisite for enterprise survival, and market is the only standard for testing products." We always adhere to quality as life, market-oriented, and constantly improve product quality and service levels to provide customers with quality products and services. The company has a modern physical and chemical laboratory, equipped with automatic valve tester, universal material testing machine, quantitative spark spectrometer, ultrasonic flaw detector, ultrasonic thickness meter, spectrum analyzer, and other advanced testing equipment for testing hardness, etc.
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