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Intelligent Electro-Pneumatic Positioner
Type: Intelligent Electro-Pneumatic Positioner
Supply Air Pressure 0.14~0.7 MPa
Actuator: Single acting, Double acting
Travel Range: Linear: 10~100mm(10-20mm,1:6 transmission ratio is optional); Rotation angle:30~105º
Input Current: 4~20mADC,Minimum input current:>3.8mA,split range start and end point adjustable
Feedback Output: 4~20mA DC
Digital Input: 1 dry contract
Digital Output: Electronic switch:2 channel
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RG intelligent valve positioner is a two-wire system instrument made by RG. The positioner is a control accessory of pneumatic valve. It is widely used in automatic control systems of petroleum, chemical,electricity,metallurgy,paper and pulp industry and other fields.

RG intelligent valve positioner accepts the 4~20mA valve setting analog signal from the control system. This valve setting value will be converted by an analog to digital converter (ADC) to digital signal then input to CPU.At the same time,instrument gets the actual valve position from location  sensors.The two  signals are compared by the instrument software so as to control the intake and exhaust of the pneumatic actuator,and drive the valve to reach set point (refer to Figure2-1)

RG intelligent valve positioned is based on  micro process or technology.  It can overcome friction and the imbalance power on the control valve well, and improve the response speed of control valve, which makes the position set rapidly and accurately. It is not only able to completely substitute conventional valve positioner, but also is able to directly access HART network,exchanging information between control system and positioner.

PneumaticSupply Air Pressure0.14~0.7 MPa
 Valve Leakage<0.6L / H
 Air Consumption<36L / H
 Air SupplyAccording to ISO8573-1Size and density of particulates: Class 4Oil concentration: Class 4Dewpoit:Class 4 or 10K below operating temperature
Input/OutputActuatorSingle acting, Double acting
 Travel  RangeLinear: 10~100mm(10-20mm,1:6 transmission ratio is optional); Rotation angle:30~105º
 Input Current4~20mADC,Minimum input current:>3.8mA,split range start and end point adjustable
 Feedback Output4~20mA DC
 Digital Input1 dry contract
 Digital OutputElectronic switch:2 channel
 PiezoValves Switch TimeAverage failure free time: >2billion
 Output CharacteristicLinear, 1:30, 30:1, user defined (20points)
DisplayLCD2×7 digitals, dimension:22×38mm
 Pressure GaugeOptional, displaying the in and out pressure
OperateSelf TuningAutomatic calibrate the Zero and Span, dead band
 Self DiagnoseShow the value of input current , travel time, dead band, etc.
 Manual3 keys on the front panel
PrecisionDead Zone0.1~10%adjustable
 Linearity≤±0.5% FS
 Hysteresis≤0.5% FS
EnvironmentAmbient Temperature RangeGeneral type:-(40~80)°C
  Intrinsic safety: -40~+50°C(T6) /65°C(T5) /80°C(T4)
 Relative Humidity5~95%RH
 Vibration Resistance15~150Hz@2g
 IP ProtectionLevelIP65(According to customer needs)
 Explosion-Proof TypeExia IIC T4~T6 Ga, ExiaD 20 T80/T95/T130
AppearanceWeight2 .0 kg
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