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The difference between segment ball valve and the single-seat control valve

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Zhejiang Huizheng Automatic Control Valve Co., Ltd. is a well-known company providing products and services for control valve in China. We hereby introduce segment ball valve and control valve and learn from each other.

Segment ball valves are receiving more and more attention in the field of industrial automatic control due to their good regulation performance and cutting performance. In many single-seat control valve applications, there is a tendency to replace them with V port ball valves. The advantages of a V port ball valve beyond a single-seat regulator are:


First, V port ball valve volume and weight is smaller than the single-seat control valve, and it is highly cost effective. For users who limited budget and want to use the regulating valve, it can save a lot of expenses for the installation space. For limited occasions, the V port ball valve has a greater advantage than the single-seat valve.


Second, the single-seat control valve, although the leakage is relatively small, but can not achieve zero leakage, So it can not meet the requirements for the strict requirements of the leakage, But the V port ball valve can achieve zero leakage. This can not only meet the adjustment performance requirements of the regulating valve, but also meet the cutting requirements of the shut-off valve.


Third, the ball of the V type ball valve has a shearing function. It is a good choice for media containing particulate matter. During the rotation process, the ball produces a wiping effect, which ensures that the sealing surface will never accumulate media, and the pulp is conveyed in the paper mill. Adjustment in the process, Compare with segment ball valve and single seated control valve advantage and disadvantage,segment ball valve is the better choice.


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