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Control valve maintenance

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we give a brief description of the maintenance of the regulating valve. We hope through our introduction, you will have a deeper understanding of Zhejiang Huizheng Automatic Control Valve Co., Ltd.

1 Preventive maintenance: Preventive maintenance is a planned maintenance before the failure of the regulating valve. It can be understood as routine maintenance, usually including the following tasks.


1.1. eliminate stress;


1.2 .Check the support situation;


1.3.  It is necessary to check whether it has rust, welding slag, dirt, etc in the connecting pipe of the regulating valve,so that can remove and prevent from foreign matter entering.It should be remove foreign matter as soon as possible when found it.


1.4 Check the gas source and power supply regularly.; Air source is one of the key energy sources for driving the regulating valve.


1.5 Inspecting and refueling regularly.; Packing and injecting the oil need to be re-adjusted after short-term use.


1.6  Transportation and storage;


1.7 inspection of safe operation;


2. Trouble maintenance: When the regulating valve can not be operated or cannot meet the operation requirements, it indicates that there is a fault and must be repaired. In this case that can not confirm where is the breakdown reason, the following steps can generally be performed.


2.1 cleaning;


2.2 Disassemble the regulating valve; usually after the disassemble of the regulating valve, It should be pay attention to the following parts during the inspection:


1) The inner wall of the valve. Check its pressure and corrosion resistance;


2) Seat. Because of the infiltration of the medium, the threaded surface used to fix the seat is vulnerable to corrosion and make the seat loose. For high pressure applications, It should be checked the corrosion or damage of the valve seat sealing surface . Of course, in some structures,  valve seat and valve body are not Threaded connections,, but the seals parts must be inspected;

3) Plug. It is necessary to check valve parts carefully whether are corroded or worn, especially for the case of high pressure difference, valve plug is corroded more serious., valve stem should also check whether there is a similar situation and whether the connection with the valve plug is loose;

4) packing and gasket. Check the packing and gasket whether it is aging, cracking, etc., and whether the mating surface is intact.


2.3 dismantle the actuator;


2.4 reassembly;


2.5 test;


3. Conclusion; faulty maintenance, also known as passive maintenance, is a maintenance method that occurs when the regulating valve breakdown.As a result of equipment failure, It often cause production process stop, even serious equipment damage or casualties. Faulty repairs are undesirable in the production process. Preventive maintenance is a preventive maintenance method for adjusting the valve on time according to past operating experience, in the process of installation and use, Before the regulating valve happened accident, its purpose is to prevent it from happening. People usually make corresponding fault prevention measures according to the different operating conditions of the regulating valve. If the fault does not occur, the maintenance adjustment can be made. The maintenance brief of the regulating valve can greatly reduce the probability of the fault occurring.


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