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Introduction of the characteristics of the segment ball valve

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Pneumatic segment control ball valve is a right-angle rotary control valve. It is used with the valve positioner to realize the proportional control and can realize switch control when matched with two-position and five-way solenoid valve and control box. The spool of the segment ball valve is designed with a special-shaped segment notch which has precise intercepting property and control function and is suitable for various control occasions with large rated flow coefficient and adjustable proportion and has excellent sealing performance with compact structure. Also, the spool is of small size and can be installed vertically which makes it suitable for the control of gas, liquid, solid granular media. The gapless rotation between the spool and the valve seat enable it produce great shearing force and have strong self-cleaning performance which makes it suitable for the control of suspensions containing fibrous or fine solid particles in particular. Therefore, this product is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, papermaking, metallurgical and other industries.


1: Pneumatic segment ball valve consists of segment body and ZSQ-type pneumatic actuator and other accessories and is an advanced control valve with a right-angle rotary structure. The segment ball valve does not require frequent repair and has a long service life which helps you control the process conditions with high efficiency.

2: Excellent regulation characteristics: Segment valve has a similar inherent equal percentage flow characteristic and adjustable up to300:1 ratio. Therefore, the segment ball valve can provide precise control over a wide range of variations.

3: Maximum flow volume: Its streamlined appearance and right-angle control make its maximum volume extremely high, its flow capacity very strong and its flow resistance small, so that a smaller, more economical valve size can be adopted.

4: Segment ball valve is of double bearing structure which grants it high mechanical stability and small starting torque so that the valve is equipped with good sensitivity and induction speed.

5: Maximum reliability (safety): The body is sturdy and durable as a unitary structure which makes the operations not affected by the pressure of the pipeline and the leakage avoided.

6: Excellent sealing performance of the metal valve seat: Segment valve adopts movable metal seat which has self-compensation function with superior sealing performance and long service life

7: Super shearing capacity: Segment ball valve adopts metal hard sealing structure so that during the rotation of the segment spool and metal valve seat, a strong shearing force produced between the V –typed notch and the valve seat is able to cut fiber and other impurities. Also, it has a self-cleaning function that can avoid the phenomenon of valve jam.

The valve is light with compact structure and is easy to install and maintain.


Pneumatic actuator is of piston cylinder and crank arm conversion structure and small volume and can produce large output torque. It is designed with full sealing performance and high-level waterproof. The cylinder is an imported mirror cylinder without oil lubrication and has low friction coefficient. Also, it has corrosion resistance, superior durability and reliability. All drive bearings are oil-free boundary self-lubricating bearings to ensure that the shaft is protected.


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