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Structural features of pneumatic control valve

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    Pneumatic control valve does not need to be repaired for a long time and has a long service life. It provides you with a valve that can control the process conditions with real high efficiency.

   Pneumatic control valve has excellent adjustment characteristics: V-shaped ball valve has an approximate equal percentage flow characteristic and an adjustable ratio of up to 300:1. Therefore, the V-shaped butterfly valve can provide accurate control within a wide range of changes.

   The maximum movable volume of the pneumatic control valve: because of its streamlined layman and full right-angle reversal control, the maximum volume is extremely high, the flow capacity is particularly large, and the flow resistance is small, so it can be used smaller and more economical.

  The pneumatic control valve adopts double-bearing structure, which has high mechanical stability and small starting torque, which ensures the valve has good sensitivity and sensing speed. Maximum reliability (safety): The valve body is an integral gate valve structure, strong and durable, and operation It is not affected by pipeline pressure and can prevent valve body leakage.

  electric or pneumatic pneumatic control valve with metal seat has several characteristics of superior sealing performance: V-type valve uses movable metal seat, which has self-compensation function, and has superior sealing performance and long service life.

  Super shearing ability: The V-shaped ball valve adopts a metal hard seal structure. During the reversal process of the V-shaped valve core and the metal seat, a strong shear force between the V-shaped gap and the valve seat can block impurities such as fibers. , And has a self-cleaning function to prevent the valve from jamming the stop valve.

   Pneumatic control valve has compact structure,  light weight, convenient installation and simple protection.

  Pneumatic actuator adopts piston type cylinder and crank arm conversion structure, which has large output torque and small volume. The actuator adopts fully sealed waterproof and high protection level. The cylinder adopts imported mirror cylinder, which is oil-free and smooth, with low friction coefficient and corrosion resistance. , Which Has super durability and reliability. All transmission bearings are selected from the gap self-lubricating bearing oil-free and smooth to ensure that the transmission shaft is not worn.

  The pneumatic regulating ball valve has the action of rotating 90 degrees, the cock body is a ball, with a circular through hole or channel passing through its axis. The ball valve is mainly used to block, distribute and change the direction of movement of the medium in the pipeline. It only needs to rotate 90 degrees and a small torque can be closed tightly. The ball valve is most suitable for switching and blocking valves, but recent developments have planned the ball valve to save and control flow.


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